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Is that weird? I think I made a mistake in typing and When I found it out , can I say “I would have made a typo “ ? Can I use “would have “ in this sentence? “i would have made a typo” “I might have made a typo” What is difference?
Jul 29, 2019 9:57 AM
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The context is different. "I might have made a typo" means that you probably made a typo. "I would have made a typo" means that you didn't make a typo but in a different situation/scenario you would have made the typo.
July 29, 2019
"I would have made a typo" is not right. It makes me think that you had the intention to make a typo but did not. "I might have made a typo" is better, because it makes me think that there is a chance you made a typo but aren't sure "I made a typo" is what you can say if you know for sure that you did make a typo
July 29, 2019
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