Dear Arabic speakers! May you a recommend a good Arabic YouTube channel to me? However, I need a YouTube channel in the Modern Standard Arabic, not the dialect! I need to listen to as much Arabic as I can, as I am having a state exam from Modern Standard Arabic next year. Thank you sooooo much for all your recommendations! مع السلامة
Jul 29, 2019 3:45 PM
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Hi Monika, I think this is a good channel since it enabled the learners to listen to MSA with English subtitles so that you can understand the meaning. I hope that helps. Good luck
July 30, 2019
It's rather difficult to find channels with pure Standard Arabic. They nearly always mix it with dialect. The DW and France24 channel, as pointed out below, are a very good point to start, though they generally make use of a rather limited vocabulary and the topics often lack variety. If you're more advanced, you could try listening to audio books. Some really good ones: I'd also like to point out a really good series by the DW, entirely in Standard Arabic: If you like Adventure Time, you can watch it here in Arabic: A channel about Islam and the Arabic world in a very eloquent Arabic, probably quite difficult to understand: A Syrian version of GOT entirely in Standard Arabic:
August 5, 2019
Well, that's not an easy request. MSA is used as a spoken language in news, documentaries, children anime, some songs (uncommon), and some movies & series (rare). Most of the time MSA is influenced by a dialect; given the fact that it's not spoken by Arabs in any country. So unless you are watching a very professional news anchor or children cartoon (manga or anime) dubbed in MSA; it's highly unlikely that you find a pure MSA podcast. Anyway, depending on your interests you may find one of these helpful: - ArabicPod 101 - Listening Practice A playlist of 85 videos in MSA, from beginner to advanced level. They are short videos with some small stories and some questions about what you understand from what you hear. The first 77 videos are the sole lessons; each of 2.5 min average. The last 8 videos are different collections of the same individual lessons. - If you are a news/documentary person: BBC (news & documentary) AlArabiya (news) Al Jazeera (news) Al Jazeera Documentary France 24 (news & culture) DW (news & culture) Nat Geo Be careful here that only the anchor/the narrator will be speaking in MSA. All these channels have a live broadcast except Nat Geo, but it's the only documentary channel inhere with 90% of its content in MSA (originally in a foreign language, so the whole video is dubbed in MSA). - Cartoon Unfortunately, I didn't find any complete playlist for some cartoons. However, you can see the opening credits songs for some of popular cartoons (in my childhood) here: Songs & movies are another story.
July 30, 2019
متع عقلك، ناشونال جيوجرافك ابو ظبي، سكاي نيوز العربية I'm sorry but I had to write it in Arabic so that it would be easier to search for them
July 30, 2019
I think this channel will help but i will try to find another channel for you
July 29, 2019
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