Mehran Jam
what is the difference between in the following sentence in meaning? hi there. I have always said it vs I am always saying it. I appreciate your assistance.
Jul 30, 2019 2:48 PM
Answers · 4
I have always said it - in the past. Often used when you are trying to prove you are right or you knew something first. Example: Person 1: “John and Mary are a good couple.” Person 2: “I have always said it.” I am always saying it - continue to say something because it hasn’t happened yet. Example: Person 1: “John and Mary should date, they would make a good couple.” Person 2: “I know, I’m always saying that.”
July 30, 2019
do you mean " I am always saying it" is used in negative things?
July 30, 2019
One is past tense and the other is present tense. So, "I think Donald Trump is a bad for America!" - you might say, "Yes, I have always said that" meaning you have been saying it for some time, perhaps even before he was elected, but you haven't necessarily said it recently. Now if I say, "I think Donald Trump is a fantastic president!" and you say, "Yes, I am always saying that!" you probably mean that you keep seeing negative things written about him but every day - including today - you disagree with them. Does that help?
July 30, 2019
en que la primera se entiende como en pasado y la otra se entiende como en presente, pero que lo dice continuamente a diferencia de al primera que se entiende como si lo hubiese dicho una sola vez
July 30, 2019
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