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The expression "Give sb a hand" Hi! I know that one of the meaning "give sb a hand" means to help sb.I just watched a cartoon and heard about another meaning -"to clap to sb". I wonder, is this meaning used frequently?
30 juil. 2019 15:04
Answers · 6
to help or to applaud Could you give/lend me a hand with my chores? They gave him a hand as he was receiving the award.
30 juillet 2019
The other meaning you are looking for is to 'applaud'. Game show presenter says" Thank you for playing! Everybody, lets give him a (big) hand!"
30 juillet 2019
Yes, got it. Thank you!
30 juillet 2019
Hi Nazar, is 'Sb' someone's name? You might say, "[I will] give Sb a hand" or ask someone to "go and give Sb a hand", but I don't think I have ever heard anyone use the other expression.
30 juillet 2019
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