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do you pronounce the glottal stop (eyin, hamza) in Persian Hello, I have a question about the pronunciation of the glottal stop -the letter eyin ع and/or hamza in real-life colloquial Persian. Do you actually: 1) pronounce the glottal sound as in /mas’ool/, /ba’d/, /ma’moolan/, /majmu’e/, /’aalee/, /ma’roof/, /jom’e/, /so’al/ or 2) do you simply make a pause in place of عas in /mas-ool/, /ba-d/, /ma-moolan/ /majmu-e/, /aalee/, /ma-roof/, /jom-e/, /so-al/ or 3) do you skip the ع letter/sound all together in pronunciation and simply pronounce the words without it as in /masool/, /bad/, /mamoolan/, /majmue/, /aadee/, /maroof/, /jome/, /soal/ Thank you in advance!
Aug 1, 2019 7:58 AM
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سلام As Sohrab said, they are pronounced as a short pause, but in spoken Farsi when ع is in the middle or final position of a word, it may not be pronounced and it usually makes the following or preceding vowel longer so in the word "ba'd" we may say "bad" but with a longer "a" ( َ ). and in the word "shoro' " we usually don't make a pause at the end. I hope this helps
August 2, 2019
as a general rule, they bring a very short pause to the words
August 2, 2019
اگه ع، یا ئ وسط کلمه بیاد اونو تلفظ میکنیم ولی اگه اول یا اخر باشه تلفظش نمیکنیم. "مثلا در کلمات" معمولأ(ma'moolan) ، مسئول mas'ool، معروف ma'roof، بعدba'd، جمعه jom'e" ع و ئ تلفظ میشه در حالیکه در "عالیه، علی" تلفظش نمیکنیم، میگیم ali, alie
August 1, 2019
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