Nicole Lee
Is it impolite to say "I have to go now?" to someone older? Is it impolite to say "I have to go now, I'll call you later?" If it's not rude, how do we say "I have to go now ... " to someone older? Thank you so much!!
Aug 1, 2019 9:31 AM
Answers · 3
I have to go now. 이제 가 봐야 해요. 이따가 다시 전화 드릴게요. (informal polite to older people in close relationship like family members) 이제 가 봐야겠습니다. 나중에 또 전화 드리겠습니다. (formal polite to strangers or older people at work or in public setting)
August 1, 2019
Hi Nicole :) If you know the older person well, it is not considered impolite to say this to him/her. If it is an older person you just met, you can say "Will you excuse me, I need to get home - my children are waiting for me" Hope this helps :)
August 1, 2019
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