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Adjectives Hi, there Which adjectives would you use to describe a kid who, when the parent asks him to clean the room, he just hides the dirty stuff in the closet. When parent asks him to help carry a shopping bag, he always pick the lightest bag.... who fakes a sickness not to go to school(, or maybe does something (like eating something he wasn’t supposed to eat) and blames it on someone else, for example. Or if a kid asks her/his mother to order pizza because "her/his brother is hungry", when in fact the kid is the one who wants pizza. Could I say "she/he is so sneaky" or maybe "slick"? What about tricky, crafty or sly? Which one of them could you use? What if I was talking about an adult or teenager? Thank you
Aug 2, 2019 2:46 AM
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Several adjectives are possible, but it's very much up to the individual to decide which one to apply. What you may consider negative behaviour, others may consider it's not so bad, so the adjective will vary accordingly. For instance, I might think the kid is just crafty by hiding stuff in the closet. ie. I think he's being a little clever and I make no other judgement. Someone else may think the behaviour is more negative and think he is sly or sneaky as those words are generally less positive. Alternatively, someone may simply think the kid isn't being *smart* by dodging work, but is only being 'lazy'. Or perhaps by not doing what he is being asked, he is being 'mischievous'. So you can see there is no one answer to your question as the same behaviour (of the kid) will invite a different response (and a different adjective) from different people. It comes down to the nuance you wish to apply to the behaviour.
August 2, 2019
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