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What does 전해진 올림 mean? The whole sentence would be 언어를 넘어 전해진 올림
Aug 2, 2019 9:02 AM
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올림 (from 올리다 = move/bring up, submit something to someone of authority) is a common phrase we use when closing a letter. So '전해진 올림' can mean 'from 전해진(a person's name)', but this doesn't connect well with '언어를 넘어' before it. The letter closing phrase is usually used by itself or with a remark about the place or situation the sender is in (e.g. 서울에서, 전해진 올림). One possibility is that it's actually 언어를 넘어 전해진 울림 (올 -> 울). This would be a noun phrase for something like 'A resonance communicated transcending language' or 'a chord struck directly (in the listener's mind) bypassing language'.. * 언어를 넘어 = 언어를 넘어서. 넘어서 = connective form of 넘다(climb over, get over). * 전해진 = modifying adjective form of 전해지다(be communicated/transferred). 전해지다 = passive of 전하다. * 울림 = noun form of 울리다 (ring, resonate, vibrate).
August 3, 2019
From Hyejin Jeon
August 2, 2019
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