what does the "mute" mean ? he was respectable and he clung to respectability. No, I didn't think he was a mute, I thought he was a solicitor's clerk who had lately buried his wife and been sent to Elsom by an indulgent employer to get over the first shock of his grief.
Aug 3, 2019 1:28 AM
Answers · 3
he might have been a mute recovering, like myself, from influenza. (another sentence, and he is speaking.)
August 3, 2019
Someone who does not have the ability to speak is called a mute
August 3, 2019
The noun "mute" means "someone who cannot speak." Some people are born unable to make sounds, and some people who have experienced trauma lose the ability to speak. When "mute" is a verb, it means "to turn the sound off" or "to change something so it makes less sound." If you mute a movie, that means the movie is still playing but the volume is at zero. If your neighbors are noisy, you might close a window to mute the noise.
August 3, 2019
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