please help me unlike real hurricanes, heartbreak has no eye-- it offers no reprieve and it leaves no place to take shelter. We thus remain exposed, drenched, and miserable until it passes. What does "reprieve " mean? What does "drenched" mean? Even more remarkable, given how personally familiar we are with the emotional devastation it causes, is that our societal attitudes toward heartbreak are so downright dismissive. What does "is that our societal attitudes toward heartbreak are so downright dismissive" mean?
Aug 3, 2019 12:54 PM
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"Reprieve" means to cancel or postpone a punishment. "Drenched" means to be very wet. If you stand in the rain without an umbrella you will become "drenched". The author of your quote is using the image of a hurricane. A real hurricane has an "eye" in the center. The "eye of a hurricane" is an area of calm where there is no wind. The wind of the hurricane flows around the "eye". The author is saying that heartbreak does not have this area of calm at it's center. There is no reprieve! ""is that our societal attitudes toward heartbreak..." How are society treats the topic of heartbreak. How the people we live among feel about the topic of heartbreak. The attitudes people generally have about heartbreak. "...are so downright dismissive" Are not worthy of consideration. Are so negative and not taken seriously. **Hopefully this answer is posted! Italki is not working very well today.
August 3, 2019
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