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What does the 고 in 타고 mean? Full sentence: 학교에 자전거를 타고 다녀요. I go to school on my bike.
Aug 3, 2019 11:38 PM
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Hello. I believe 고 is derived from 그리고. So, 타고 다녀요 has the meaning of 타다 그리고 다녀요. For example, 잘 보고 다녀요 means 잘 보다 그리고 다녀요. Hope this helps.:)
August 4, 2019
below is from Korean dictionary. -고^25 3. (동사 어간이나 어미 ‘-으시-’ 뒤에 붙어) 앞 절의 동작이 이루어진 그대로 지속되는 가운데 뒤 절의 동작이 일어남을 나타내는 연결 어미. this -고 is one of 'Adverbial ending'. Adverbial ending: An ending of a word attached to the stem of a verb or adjective, which enables the word to function as an adverb. so it's functional word as 'on' of 'on my bike', and represents 'the way you go to school'.
August 5, 2019
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