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Fateme Mahdavi
hi every one! i have some problems understanding this sentence! Would be happy if you help:) " In addition to Israel, which maintains a remaining overall gender gap of 28%, the region’s best performing countries this year are Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, having closed 65%, 64% and 63%, respectively, of their overall gender gaps." what does it mean "having closed 65% of their overall gender gap"? i dont know what is this "close" doing here!! other example: "Only one country has fully closed its gender gap on, respectively, Educational Attainment and Health and Survival."
4 de Ago de 2019 às 09:39
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here, "closed" means to finish, to end. To close the gender gap means the gender gap is no longer there. It has been closed, it is finished, it does not exist any more. "Gender gap" means how many men are employed compared to how many women, usually in the same profession. I hope this makes sense. :-)
4 de Agosto de 2019
Fateme Mahdavi
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