What is the meaning of "into the massacre"? FBI has opened a domestic terrorism investigation into the massacre He was recently heckled as he testified at the judicial commission of inquiry into the massacre Thanks in advance :)
Aug 4, 2019 11:23 AM
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The Oxford Learner's Dictionaries are an excellent resource. Check investigation into and enquiry into. investigation an official examination of the facts about a situation, crime, etc. a criminal/murder/police investigation She is still under investigation. INVESTIGATION INTO something The police have completed their investigations into the accident. Collocations Oxford Collocations Dictionary See related entries: Solving crime INVESTIGATION (INTO something) a scientific or academic examination of the facts of a subject or problem synonym enquiry an investigation into the spending habits of teenagers enquiry [countable] an official process to find out the cause of something or to find out information about something a murder enquiry ENQUIRY INTO something a public enquiry into the environmental effects of the proposed new road to hold/order an ENQUIRY INTO the affair
August 4, 2019
It means about or involving something. FBI has opened a domestic terrorism investigation into the massacre(about the massacre)
August 4, 2019
The word "into" means one thing is moved inside of something else. "Put the candy into the bowl" is a command which means the candy must be placed inside of the bowl. "Go into the store" is a command, it means you must go inside of the store. "Look into the mirror" has the same sort of meaning. You are not actually inside the mirror, but your gaze feels like it is going inside. "An investigation into the massacre" has a similar meaning because when you investigate something it feels like you are going right inside of the problem and looking around. You could say "the FBI are looking AT the massacre", but "looking at" is a passive expression and it doesn't give the feeling that the FBI is going to do a serious investigation. But if you say "the FBI are looking INTO the massacre", then it sounds a little more serious.
August 4, 2019
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