Is this Sentence correct? I want to say " what do you do?" (for a living...) Is this correct ? 당신 은 무잇합니가? Or 너는 무엇합니다?
Aug 4, 2019 6:42 PM
Answers · 4
- 당신은 무엇(을) 합니까? (무잇 -> 무엇, 합니가 -> 니까) - 너는 무엇(을) 하니? (너 is a casual reference to "you", which goes with the casual ending -니 or '-냐?) The common everyday word for "job" or "work" is 일 (일 sometimes means "matter" or "incident" as well). So we would express "What do you do for a living?" as: 어떤 일을 하세요? If you just say (당신은) 무엇을 합니까?, it sounds more like "What are you doing (now)?". 당신은 or 너는 is not really necessary, because it is understood as a question about the other person even without the subject.
August 4, 2019
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