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Elisa Barrera
Does anyone know of a good Spanish for Business book? I am an intermediate level in Spanish. I am studying to be an accountant and would like to focus on learning business, finance and some legal terminology in Spanish. Any recommendations are welcome. Thank you.
6 авг. 2019 г., 18:42
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As for specific books, I have no idea. This would be the hardest, but also the most useful, but you could find books in Spanish for native speakers that teach accounting, and finance, and law. Just try to find any intro level book. That might be too difficult for you, however. You could just use their glossaries though. Somewhat easier, but less useful would be to find articles about law, accounting, or finance. I don't think there are likely to be books geared towards learners that are hyper focused in these fields. Here's some random glossaries: Business: Accounting: Finance:
7 августа 2019 г.
Elisa Barrera
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