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Prepositions Hi, there I have a question about nouns with different prepositions. When you have two nouns that call each for different prepositions, what do you do? Do you keep both prepositions or drop the first preposition? Examples: 1. "I don't get her hatred OF and contempt FOR dogs" or "I don't get her hatred and contempt for dogs"? 2. "Thank you for the criticisms OF and suggestions FOR the first draft of my book" or "Thank you for the criticisms and suggestions FOR the first draft of my book"? 3. "Send in your complaints ABOUT and suggestions FOR our establishment" or "Send in your complaints and suggestions FOR our establishment"? Which one is right in each example? Thank you
Aug 7, 2019 5:43 PM
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Technically speaking, you could use two different prepositions. But we never speak like that. We actually don't even write so formally. Instead, we omit the first preposition or change the sentence by using 'as well as' or omitting the last part of the sentence. Example: Send in your complaints and suggestions. The context of this sentence will have established that you are talking about the company/organisation.
August 7, 2019
I like Karen's answer. Your sentences will sound much better if you can reword them so that you don't need two prepositions. In some cases, it isn't really necessary to use a preposition for each word. For example, in the sentence "Thank you for the criticisms OF and suggestions FOR the first draft of my book," you could think of the grammar this way: "Thank you for the criticisms AND [thank you for] the suggestions for the first draft of my book." You don't need "of," because "thank you for the criticisms" is a complete clause by itself. You don't have to connect it to "of my book." In cases where this won't work (I don't think it works for your first example, for instance), try to change the wording, as Karen says.
August 7, 2019
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