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올리비아 (Olivia)
Meaning of 께로부터 In which case should I use "께로부터" ?
Aug 8, 2019 7:32 PM
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It seems to be a mistake, using both 께 and 로부터 to express the meaning, 'from'. ***로부터=에게서(from) + person/animal 친구(friend)로부터(from) 편지(letter)가 왔다(came). (The letter was from my friend.) 친구에게서 편지가 왔다. ***께(to & from in honorific speech) = 에게(to)/에게서(from) 이(this) 기쁜(pleasant) 소식(news)을 부모님(parents)께(to in honorific speech) 알려 드리고 싶어요(알려드리다inform in honorific speech) + 고 싶어요want to). (I want to let my parents know this good news.) 부모님(parents)께(from in honorific speech) 용돈(allowance)을 받아서(receive and then) 쓰고 있어요(am spending). (I am getting allowance from my parents and spend it.) 동생에게 돈을 주었다. 친구에게서 돈을 받았다.
August 9, 2019
올리비아 (Olivia)
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