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Cesar Lopez
Do you say "Sono un buonissimo ..." or "Sono un ..... buonissimo!" Hello, I have a question. If you want to say (jokingly, of course, not really bragging) that you are a very good "something", let's say "engineer", do you say: Sono un ingegnere buonissimo! Or do you say Sono un buonissimo ingegnere! Or is it indifferent, and both are used frequently in Italian? Whatever the answer, does it also apply to other things you can say, like: "I'm a great father." "I'm a great cook." "I'm a great friend." If "buonissimo" isn't the best word, what other words would you use in Italian? Molte grazie!
9 авг. 2019 г., 2:29
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In these cases you would better say: Sono un bravissimo (very clever) ingegnere. Sono un ottimo padre. Sono un bravissimo padre. Sono un amico buonissimo. You can invert the order, and it will still be a good sentence, but the order I chose in {adj, noun} is the more frequent.
9 августа 2019 г.
Cesar Lopez
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