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what does چشماش به زیتونی میزنه mean? Hello, can you help me figure out what exactly the following sentence mean: چشماش به زیتونی میزنه و موهاش به طلایی میزنه Does it mean that the person's eyes are kind of olive color, or that they are actually olive color? Thank you in advance for your help!
2019年8月11日 03:14
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Hi Jacob! ;) Mizane means it is close to (or actually it goes that way).. So it means the closest color to describe your eyes is olive green.. So it is not a hundred percent olive color.. But apparantly they are too simillar.. And by talaayi we mean something like golden blonde hair color.. Hope it helps..
میزنه I think it can be translated like" it is close to that thing" you know? Like it is ""almost"" and look like that color. You may even hear this verb such as (it's not polite though, here in this sentence) اون یکم خُل میزنه، he is like a crazy person/ seems like a crazy person.
kinda but not the exact colour
Hello and a thank you for help to everyone who answered my question.
They're not completely sure if the person's eye color should be labeled as "olive", but olive gives probably the most accurate descriptin of their eye color, like an at least 80 percent match.
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