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Are these Egyptian verb conjugations correct? I'm starting to learn how to conjugate verbs in Egyptian Arabic, but I'm still not completely sure I'm understanding. (I will not be using the Arabic script for this) yenam = to sleep stem = nam ana anam ehna nenam inta tenam inti tenami howa yenam humma yenamu hiya tenam Rules I used: ana = a + stem inta/hiya = t + (first vowel of infinitive) + stem inti = t + (first vowel of infinitive) + stem + i howa = infinitive ehna = n + (first vowel of infinitive) + stem homma = infinitive + u These rules have worked with most verb I consider to be regular verbs in Egyptian Arabic.
Aug 11, 2019 4:10 AM
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as you wrote exactly ...that way you follow is correct but not for every verb (not 100% but more than 90% it will be great )notes that verb rayeh Rah=راح/رايحgo/went ..1-ana rayh/roht 2- enta teroh /roht (enti terohy/rohty ) 3-heya rayha/raht 4-homma rayhen/raho 5-ehna neroh /rohna . it was just example . you know in languages generally there no constant rule mostly in dialects .good luck
August 11, 2019
Good job (Y)
August 14, 2019
August 14, 2019
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