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Indalecio Garcia
Why???? Hey guys!! I Would like you to explain the expression (deadass) I don't know if it's an offensive word or just a funny way to say something, give some examples please thanks in advance.
11 de ago de 2019 23:36
Answers · 4
Usually young people use it. For example, A: "hey Maria sent me a picture of her boyfriend having dinner with another woman yesterday" B: "deadass?" A:"deadass." I consider it slang. It doesn't sound too vulgar to me, but then again I hear it very often. LOL
12 de Agosto de 2019
okay I will keep in mind thank you.
12 de Agosto de 2019
It's really informal and mainly used by teenagers and young people to mean "really or truly". It's obviously a curse word, so be careful using it.
11 de Agosto de 2019
Indalecio Garcia
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