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Wu Ting
How would you interpret this sentence? How would you interpret the second sentence “It was a tricky one”? Does it mean the senator was tricky, or the shooting was tricky? Thank you. PS: the excerpt is taken from “Good Intentions” written by an Israeli author, Etgar Keret. And I’m reading an English translation. the context: Three days later, in Dallas, I shot some senator. It was a tricky one. From two hundred yards away, half a view, side wind. He was dead before he hit the floor.
Aug 12, 2019 1:42 AM
Answers · 2
It was a tricky one (shot). = It was a difficult shot to make because of the circumstances.
August 12, 2019
The shot itself was 'tricky', a difficult one because of the wind, distance and half a view. 'Tricky' is sometimes used in replace of hard or difficult. So here, "it was a tricky one" means "it was a difficult one" with one referring to the shot.
August 12, 2019
Wu Ting
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