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Them instead of the Sometimes I hear that article the is substituted by them in the examples like : 1. Put them hands in the air 2. Fit it in them jeans Please explain and provide some kind of the rule of thumb if applicable.
12 de Ago de 2019 às 02:12
Answers · 2
Both examples you mentioned are more informal sentences / slang, and are not grammatically correct. In the first case, “them” is substituting “your” ( Put your hands in the air), and in the second case, “them” is substituting “those” (Fit in those jeans). I hope this helps :).
12 de Agosto de 2019
The use of "them" in your first example is actually replacing the possessive adjective 'your' and could be replacing 'your' or 'the' in the second example. Both examples and the use of "them" in similar sentences is NOT grammatically correct but rather slang. It is also used at times to be funny. The last time I actually heard your first example was at a country music concert and with an exaggerated southern twang. Hope this helps!
12 de Agosto de 2019
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