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Do I use this correctly? For example, I’m the one sending messages on whatsapp to my friend first every day. My friend never starts the conversation first so I say: “You never greet me first. I have to greet you first all the time. It’s clear you don’t wanna talk to me.” Is “Greet first” correct in this context? Or is it “chat first or talk first? Or start the conversation?
12 Ağu 2019 02:42
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They are all correct. You could have used any of them - 'You never greet me first', 'You never chat first', 'You never talk first', 'You never start the conversation'. BUT .... You never write 'You don't wanna talk to me". Always, always you write 'You don't want to talk to me'. You can say 'wanna', but you never write 'wanna'. It's ugly English to write it.
12 Ağustos 2019
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