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Şervan Kurdî
Ins and outs of place In the course of my stay at Sonje Bulagh, I saw the Khan in the state of his audience-hall surrounded by his turbaned clan, dealing out law, if not justice, to those who came for it, and served with a state which princes only assume. I visited and was visited by Moussa Khan his uncle, the ex-governor, and became convinced that in Kurdistan, as elsewhere, there is a vast deal of difference between the Ins and Outs of place. Twice, in particular, we had grand mujelises, or assemblies of the tribe, at my lodgings, and very mortifying it was to me that I did not understand the conversation which was carried on entirely in Kurdish. I could sometimes just trace the subjects, for there is much Persian in Kurdish, but it was only enough to tantalize without satisfying or instructing me. What does the phrase "ins and outs of place"? Thanks a million
12 de ago de 2019 12:23
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the details of a process or how something works Learning the ins and outs of filmmaking takes a lot of time. In your example "ins and outs of place" -- not sure what 'place' means without more context, but it could be different levels of social placement -- that is, how you address someone older than you, or from a different social class.
12 de Agosto de 2019
With limited context, it seems to be an awkward translation of "local customs" (local socially correct behaviour).
12 de Agosto de 2019
Thank you very much, Rena. Since it's a comparison, do you think "ins and outs" is a phrase altogether or they are separate as the comparison of "ins" and "outs" of place?
12 de Agosto de 2019
Şervan Kurdî
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