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I I have not seen my friend for a week can I ask: How have you been? Isn't it better to use how are you? I think that it is fine to use (How have you been) if I haven't seen someone for a month.
Aug 14, 2019 3:41 PM
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My English teacher used to say “how have you been?” So I think it is correct
August 14, 2019
Hi Mehrdad, I think that your feeling about one week being a somewhat short period of time for “how have you been” isn’t wrong, exactly. This tense is most commonly used for longer amounts of time. Speakers might still use this expression, but sort of lightly or jokingly, because some time has passed, maybe something has happened in that time, but it hasn’t been very long. An alternative expression would be “how was your week?”
August 14, 2019
Yes, both are perfectly fine and acceptable questions to ask your friend. "How are you?" might imply that you are asking only about the present day. "How have you been?" would also include the time since you had last met with one another (the past). Again, both are correct. I hope this answer helps!
August 14, 2019
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