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Victor Khanin
SOME EXAMPLES Could you please check my own examples? 1. The mortgage enabled me to buy a new flat. 2. My travels across Italy took me to Assisi, the town of Francis of Assisi. 3. I just can't resist a drink in the evening. 4. My city has greatly altered for the last years. 5. The situation in the company was getting from bad to worse; we really didn’t know what to expect. So we decided to set up a meeting. 6. When I did my first job, I was certainly not aiming to make money.
Aug 15, 2019 11:57 AM
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4. ... DURING the last FEW years 5. ... was GOING from bad to worse 6. ... I HAD my first job, or I WAS WORKING AT my first job
August 15, 2019
Victor Khanin
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