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Elena Kiseleva
How to translate this Korean sentence: 오~ 그렇게 다 아는 사람이 사는게 겨우 그 정도야. Thanks :)
Aug 15, 2019 6:43 PM
Answers · 2
오~ 그렇게 다 아는 사람이 사는 게 겨우 그 정도야? (It sounds like a rhetorical question of sarcasm) => Ah, so a guy who knows so much is living like that (in such poor amenities)? => Ah, so a know-it-all like him can't afford any more than what he has? (Yeah, right, it makes a lot of sense!) "사는 게" (사는 것이) is a loose term for how someone is living (in terms of amenities, wealth, etc). "겨우 그 정도야" is literally "is (disappointingly) no better than that", meaning it is underwhelming.
August 15, 2019
Elena Kiseleva
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