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Jordi Jorge
As applied to (meaning) Hi everyone, I would like to know the meaning of "as applied to". Here is the context: "Simply: something can be generally useful, such as a bicycle or oscilloscope. However, the bicycle would be helpful in getting to class, but not the oscilloscope. The 'scope would be more helpful to view a waveform, though. Also, AS APPLIED TO people, helpful implies a willingness to assist, and usefulness implies having the ability to do something." Is there another way to say "AS APPLIED TO" ? Does it express an affirmation? Or Does it express a condition? So I wonder if "AS APPLIED TO people" means 1. SINCE IT IS APPLIED TO people (affirmation) 2. WHEN IT IS APPLIED TO people (condition)
Aug 15, 2019 6:55 PM
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Hi Jordi, as Chris says in his answer there's a good definition of 'applied to' in various dictionaries. I just want to add a small reply specifically to the two examples you gave at the end of your question... In this case 'as' ='when' - so, yes it's a condition. It means 'if the context of using the words is to describe people they mean....'
August 15, 2019
The Oxford Learner's Dictionaries are an excellent online resource. apply meaning 4 be relevant ​ [intransitive, transitive] (not used in the progressive tenses) to concern or relate to somebody/something Special conditions apply if you are under 18. apply to somebody/something What I am saying applies only to some of you. apply something to somebody/something The word ‘unexciting’ could never be applied to her novels.
August 15, 2019
Jordi Jorge
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