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What does this sentences means? - 진짜 알차게 부려먹는 중. - 일시키기 담당 - 전하께서 반주지 말고 시키랬어. - 저 사람은 대체 뭘까. 황자조차도 내친 사람을..
Aug 15, 2019 11:34 PM
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- 진짜 알차게 부려먹는 중 = I am getting him to do everything I need / I am getting the last drop out of his labor. - 일시키기 담당 = in charge of ordering people to do things. - 전하께서 반주지 말고 시키랬어 = His excellency said we should ??? (반주지 doesn't make sense). - 저 사람은 대체 뭘까. 황자조차도 내친 사람을.. = What in the world is that guy? With someone even the emperor's son god rid of ...
August 16, 2019
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