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Please help me. how to translate this? 맛소 보내주신
2019년 8월 17일 오후 12:53
Answers · 5
It is a part of a sentence. The full sentence would be 그리고 맛소 보내주신 Menshealth 대표님 감사합니다 And, Thanks for the CEO of Menshealth who sent me 맛소. 맛소 is a little ambiguous food term here. 맛소 would be mean "delicious beef" 맛도 질도 굿굿!! Both taste and quality are good good! 우리 윤권이형도 먹으면서 운동하라고 맛난거보내줘서 넘넘고마워용! Also thanks very much for brother Yun-kwon who sent me some delicious food for eating during exercise.
2019년 8월 17일
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