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Marium Binte Amin
What will be Transfer Of Meaning in Inter Language and learning strategies? Today I tried to read interlanguage theory and found out some problem. I don’t understand this theory clearly. Is anyone here who is studying in English Linguistic. If possible please someone help me understanding this topic. Thanks In Advance.
17 août 2019 16:17
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You didn't specify what your questions are. Take a look at this. I think this will help. One example would be, for example, in French, the present perfect tense is used to talk about past events. In English, the simple past tense is used to talk about past events. French speakers will transfer the rules in French to English and say, "Yesterday, I have visited my friends" (French rule) instead of "Yesterday, I visited my friends (English rule).
17 août 2019
Interlanguage theory is when your native language influences the second language when you speak. Example, Native Spanish speaker: Me gusta bailar ( correct ) Native English speaker: Yo gusto bailar ( incorrect )
17 août 2019
What is your question?
18 août 2019
Marium Binte Amin
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