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Mental afford(?) When we don’t have a time or money we can say 'I can't afford it'

But when it comes to 'mental', for example when your mind is busy because you go wrong way but the party or bus schedule would be start and run soon. How to express?

2019年8月19日 01:52
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Thank you for teaching various!
"Sorry, I can't think straight right now", "My mind is all over the place", "I'm mentally tired", "I'm shattered, mentally", "I'm mentally exhausted right now, I need to rest a bit" There are many ways to say it, such as those examples above, and nothing is more accurate & efficient than "my mind is f*cked" but this phrase is blasphemous so should only be used if you are in the presence of people who you know are comfortable with such potentially rude words.
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