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Does this natural? could you edit it ? Bond Type Divided into 4 major types according to the objectives of issuing the following instruments: -Debt Restructuring Bond Often issued by financial institutions To raise funds to help restore the fund And develop that financial institution Therefore has a greater risk than treasury bills. But give the same return Is selling below the ticket price But redeemed at full price These types of bonds often have a redemption period in days. Mostly redeemed within 182 days -Inflation linked bonds (ILB) are bonds that pay returns based on the inflation rate announced by the Ministry of Commerce. Inflation is even higher The payout of the ILB is high accordingly. Therefore, the ILB is suitable for investment during inflation tends to increase. -state enterprise bonds Is a debt instrument with a maturity of 1 year or more, issued by a state with the primary objective of utilizing funds for operations in various projects. Most state enterprise bonds pay interest in installments. Usually 2 payments per year at the end of the bond's maturity The holder of the ownership will receive an initial return equal to the price of the seal, including the final interest. -Government bonds - Investors tend to know and choose to invest in this type of bonds the most. It is a government bond issued to raise funds to run the country. Reduce financial deficits It is considered a long-term debt instrument, usually having a maturity of more than 1 year before redemption, and is a bond that pays interest at most twice a year, with the final interest paid at the same time as the principal from redemption. -Private debt securities issued by corporations and/or both financial and non-financial institutions which run the spectrum in quality and yield.
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