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Outlandish I've been curious about the word "outlandish" lately. Could anyone give me any example sentences or any example situations using the word "outlandish"? Is the word different from the words "strange” and "weird"?
Aug 20, 2019 9:30 AM
Answers · 4
There are some good (common) examples here: outlandish animals at the zoo an outlandish costume Her book is filled with outlandish characters. She spun some outlandish tales outlandish government specifications These seems the most common uses to me. (Ignore definition 3, it seems old fashioned to me.)
August 20, 2019
Ah I love this word! So outlandish is an adjective very similar to 'weird' and 'strange', but it is closer to 'eccentric' in meaning. For example, if someone's behaviour is outlandish, they act almost theatrically, like a character on TV or stage. Very over the top and extreme. If someone is wearing outlandish clothing, it may be a bright orange jumper, a crazy hat and black trousers with bright green spots on!
August 20, 2019
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