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Alex Chan
Japan and communicating allergies Disclaimer: I have only learned Hiragana and cannot read Katakana or Kanji yet. I need an answer in Romaji please so I know how to say it. The problem: I have a peanut and seafood allergy which makes discerning what will kill me and what won't difficult in Japan. While I usually have a few safe spots I can rely on, today I visited an Uobei sushi restaurant where my usual phrases did not work at all and the waitress and I were lost in translation (No signal in the restaurant or WiFi) My usual phrases for these scenarios are: 1. Eigo hanasemasuka? (Do you speak English?) 2. Piinatsu to gyokai-rui arerugi ga arimasu (I have a peanut and seafood allergy) 3. Nihongo ga heta desu. (My Japanese is bad) 4. *Points to menu item after explaining point 2* Daijoubu desu? (Is it okay?) I've been to many restaurants up until this point and have been able to use these fallback phrases to get my point across to some extent. I am looking for a native speaker to give me guidance on how I would go about communicating this issue more naturally.
Aug 20, 2019 6:42 PM
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I think you use correct phrases and those are correct order. You can say “(Kore wa) taberaremasuka?/Can I eat (this)?” instead of phrase 4 but “Daijoobu desuka? “ also fine. Hmm, it possibly your pronunciation was not clear or just that staff couldn’t listen well. I don’t think those phrases have problems.
August 20, 2019
Alex Chan
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