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What is the dofference between -에 and -에서? Hello! So I've been using Rosetta Stone to learn korean but it doesn't teach grammar very well and I came upon two sentences: - 저희 집은 길 가까이에 있어요. - 저희 집은 길에서 멀리 있어요. I don't understand why the placement of -에/에서 changed or what the difference is between the two of them. Can someone please explain? Thank you!
21 août 2019 03:54
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Hi Sam!! 안녕하세요!! I like your question. Interesting!!🤔 저희 집은/ 길 가까이에 /있어요. My house/is/near the street - in English, put a preposition first and a noun But in Korean, a noun comes before a preposition 저희 집은 / 길에서/ 멀리 / 있어요 My house/ is / far/ from the street So -에서 means -로 부터, from From and near are prepositions. -가까이에 and -에서(-로 부터) are also prepositions. I hope you understand what I explained :) Thank you for reading!! Haha
21 août 2019
21 août 2019
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