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Comprehensive questions Hi, everyone I'd like to know what's the difference between garment, apparel and clothes? Thank you
Aug 21, 2019 3:12 PM
Answers · 3
CLOTHING is the entire covering of a person taken as a whole. For example, you could say, "He wore the elegant clothing of a rich man". GARMENTS and clothes are viewed as separate parts of inner or outerwear. For example, you could say, "The store sells ladies under garments". APPAREL and attire are words used to describe elegant outer pieces. For example, you could say, "The designer opened a chain of stores selling expensive ladies apparel". You could also add the word DRESS, which describes outer clothing that is suitable for different occasions. For example, you could say, "The actors arrived in the latest evening dress". Hope this helps
August 21, 2019
Hi Jini Lin, I mostly agree with Sara, but “apparel” is a bit more specific, referring the types of clothes typically worn for certain activities. “Sports apparel” is a common term — the clothing you wear for skiiing, playing tennis or soccer, and so on. We *can* also use “clothes” in this sense — “work clothes” is a set phrase in English — but “apparel” carries this specific meaning.
August 21, 2019
A garment is an older term for an article of clothing, such as a shirt or a dress; apparel is a term usually used in the fashion industry for anything that can be worn, such as a dress or a belt; clothes is a general term for fabric items that can be worn, such as shirts, socks, pants or underwear. Clothes is the term most often used in general conversation.
August 21, 2019
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