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Is《些》always needed to specify plurality? 1. 那孩子 Can this be used in reference to only one child or could it be more than one child? 2. 那些孩子 3. 那些孩子们 们 is only used for a group that I have some connection with, right? So if I am talking about some children I saw that I don't know at all, I should use 2?
Aug 21, 2019 8:25 PM
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November 7, 2020
1那孩子 that kid/child This can be used in reference to “the” only one child. The one that you particularly refers to. 例句:穿红衣服的小男孩非常淘气,那孩子昨天打碎了一个杯子。 2那些孩子 those kids/children This can be used in reference to “those” children that you particularly refer to. 些 is always needed to specify plurality. So if you refer to children, then you have to add 些。 例句:楼下有十个孩子在做游戏,那些孩子都是张老师的学生。 3那些孩子们 those kids/children This one is same as above. Likewise, 些 specifies plurality, so does 们。孩子 could be used in reference to single or plural, but when you add 们,孩子们=children,is plural。Then you can’t say 那孩子们,because 那could not specifies plurality. So when you say 孩子们, 些is nessesary. For your question, you could use both 2 and 3. When you say those kids or children, you don’t have to know them, but you should knowledge those kids that you refer to are a certain group of kids, like, those kids in white shirts, those kids down stairs, those kids are painting, etc. In that case, 2 and 3 refers the same meaning.
August 27, 2019
1 那孩子 refers to only one child. 2 那些孩子 means"those children", regardless of your connection with them. 3 那些孩子们 sounds awkward to me, as both 些 and 们 indicate plural, and therefore redundant. An even worse construction would be "三个孩子们", which is definitely incorrect.
August 22, 2019
那孩子=那个孩子, the boy,the child. 单数 using singular 那些孩子=那些孩子们,those boys, those children. 复数 using plural
August 22, 2019
“那孩子” cannot be used in reference to more than one child. "们" is not just used in reference to someone that you have some connection with, you can use it after any personal pronoun, like 那些学生们/那些孩子们.
August 21, 2019
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