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What does "heaved himself to his feet" mean? 2) What does "ration" mean in "I rationed the pages - no point in rushing"? 3) Two of the three latest messages sound WRY AND WITTY - Does "wry and witty" mean "smart and funny"? 4) It transpired I was right = It proved I was right? 5) What does "high game" mean in "he smelled like high game"?
Aug 22, 2019 7:43 PM
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1)To heave something means to lift something really heavy and try to move it around. In this sentence I imagine a very heavy person trying to lift themselves off the ground or a couch or something. We usually say something like this as a personal degradation as in, "I am so fat I have to heave myself off the couch to do anything." 2) To ration something means to limit how much you use. In this case, the person has no hurry to finish the book, so they will ration how many pages they read in a day. 3) To be WRY, is to have a bit of sarcasm to your tone of voice. Kind of like telling a really funny joke, but keeping a straight face and not laughing yourself while you tell the joke. Also, to keep a straight face while making fun of someone or something. For example, many comedians can make fun of politics and politicians without laughing themselves. To be WITTY is to be able to say smart and/or funny things really quickly in response to something. People who are witty are quick to respond to a topic in a smart and sometimes humorous way. Many comedians are known for being both WRY and WITTY. 4) You are correct about this meaning of "transpire" 5) "High game" refers to a wild animal (game) that has been dead for awhile and has started to decay and smells horrible. So if someone smells like high game, you can imagine it must smell pretty bad. Hope this helps.
August 22, 2019
Sounds like you are reading a book. Many of your questions have to do with the context of what you aren’t reading because these statements are used to create imagery. 1) pushed himself to giant feet or forced himself to get up. 2) when you ration something you conserve it. It is usually used for food but I’m guessing the we’re reading a book and didn’t want to finish. 3) I’m not sure what wry is because that is. OT the correct spelling but witty means funny or sarcastic. Someone who is quick on their feet. 4) You are correct. 5) I need more context to answer this question. Hope this all helps and if you are looming for an English tutor please let me know.
August 22, 2019
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