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Abstract HI! Could you tell me the grammar mistakes you found in this abstract(it was translated)? Dialectology, the science that is concerned with the study of a language's dialects, especially the diatopic and diastratic variations of a language, underwent different stages until it reached its current status in Brazil. Since the 90s, with the creation of the Brazilian Lingusitic Atlas Project, many efforts have been made to describe and map out the dialects spoken in Brazil. Therefore, in order to contribute minimally to the development of this science, data were analyzed that were collected through a lexical survey conducted with 12 adolescents in Brasília, Distrito Federal. That region was selected due to there not being a great deal of lexical studies on it, particularly studies that deal with the speech of Distrito Federal youth. Thus, this paper intends to offer new data that may provide a better understanding of the words used by people living in the Brazilian capital city. Thank you
Aug 22, 2019 10:47 PM
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It's very good. The only glaring error was the typo in 'Lingusitic'. The first sentence is possibly a little odd/confusing, as it seems to be suggesting that Dialectology only exists (or was 'fully developed') in Brazil. 'Contribute minimally' suggests that the analysis was trying to make the smallest contribution possible.
August 23, 2019
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