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Does it need to recite words of English always when learn English? I have recited words of English about three years when I start to learn English,and it's good for me to read the articles and I know a lot of words.But some problems let me feel whether to keep memorizing words.(I speak English seldom and practice listening ,but I will feel confusion when the sentence too long) There are existing following problems: 1.The meaning of every words are clear,but it's hard to understand at some sentence. 2.There are a lot of mistakes of grammar when I speak with other,and no complete sentence can organize and output. 3.Not good at listening of English. and so on。。。 SO, what can I do now? Recite the articles,listen video,learn situation dialog or study grammar? Thank you for your reply and give me the advice of this article of mistakes of grammar.
Aug 23, 2019 3:40 AM
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It seems that your exposure to vocabulary and recitation has given you a large vocabulary of your own. If this mechanism, of reciting, works for you, then perhaps reciting standard sentence structures, each time changing the words used, for other words, with the same parts of speech, might work to learn/make natural patterns. That is swap nouns for new nouns, verbs for new verbs, maybe swap conjunctions. For simple example The cat sat on the mat as the mat was warm. The dog sat on the mat as the mat was cool. The horse stood under the tree as the area was cool. ... It may lead to funny sentences, but maybe that will make the patterns more memorable. When the pattern becomes something you know, part of you, then you will use it naturally. I think you are right: getting existing patterns from examples, in texts or articles is a way to see new structures. . I think with complex sentences, the answer is alway divide and conquer: break it up. Understand each part. See how the parts are connected. . Sorry, I have little advice as I am not as good at languages as you.
August 23, 2019
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