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mohamed محمد سعد
what is the difference between scream , yell and shout ? and can " scream " have the meanning of .. .. can 'scream' have the meaning of both the sound I make when I am scared or the sound someone makes to me to be scared ?
Aug 23, 2019 6:39 PM
Answers · 7
Scream: used when you are scared. You got that right. Can also be used if someone is in pain for example someone giving birth. Someone yells in order to get someone's attention or because he is angry. (Don't yell at me, I hate fighting) Shouting is neutral and can be used in a positive sense on social media (shout out) or as a synonym for yell. Also used for someone talking really loud. (Why are you shouting I'm right here)
August 23, 2019
Hi Mohamed! To scream, to yell, to shout are synonyms. Yes it can, however, for the sound "yell" might be better used than "scream" . "Shout" is more general, and is usually used for anger. :)
August 23, 2019
mohamed محمد سعد
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