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Paying more for less Could you someone explain the meaning of paying more for less with good example? Does it mean something like it looks affordable but actually it is not?
2019년 8월 24일 오전 12:32
Answers · 2
It means that the item or service has a high value but the quality or quantity is less than you would expect. Similar to the idea of "a waste of (money)" or "もったいない ".
2019년 8월 24일
It means what it says, literally. Suppose I am looking at two packages of coffee in a supermarket. On one shelf, I see a bag of Folger's coffee, all in a single bag, 400 gm at a price of USD $3.00. On another shelf I see the same coffee packaged as Keurig "K-cups" (for making coffee one cup at a time in a Keurig machine). The box holds a dozen K-cups, and the package says the total amount of coffee is 100 gm. The price is $9.00. If I buy the coffee in the K-cups, I am paying more for less. I am paying more ($9.00 instead of $3.00) for less (100 gm instead of 400 gm). Someone might say "Don't use K-cups. If you do, you are paying more for less." In marketing and behavioral economics, it can refer to a specific paradoxical effect found by some researchers, in which subjects were shown things and asked how much they would be willing to pay for them. When subjects were shown a bundle of an expensive watch and a cheap pen, they would name one amount. When they were shown the expensive item by itself, they would name a higher amount, even though they were getting less. They were willing to pay more for less.
2019년 8월 24일
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