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Ayman Ali
can I say " he telling good stuff" ? my friend says that our teacher is talking too much, he is big-mouthed but I think that his speech is inspiring and informative how i say it in a "cool way". I don't want to seem like a dad telling his kid to respect his teacher
Aug 24, 2019 4:24 AM
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You could simply say, "I disagree, I think he is very informative and inspiring". This is giving your opinion in a neutral and polite manner and is not talking down to your friend. More casually, you could say in response, "Not for me, I find the teacher pretty good". Then you elaborate a little bit more if you want (or not) ie "He's very/pretty informative etc, etc"
August 24, 2019
Hi! I agree with Greg. May I add a few pointers. When you are trying to ask something like this, you can start by saying: “How can I say this... “ and also: “How I say it in a “cool way” [How do I say it in a “cool way”?] [How can I say it in a “cool way?] Have a great day!
August 24, 2019
Ayman Ali
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