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What's the difference between "gas hob", "burner" and "gas stove"? 2) Does "washing" mean "clothes" in "Washing flapped on the line, pegged out with military precision." 3) Do you usually say "I buy a pair of new shoes today" or "I buy new shoes today"? 4) Do you usually say "I don't want to wear pants today" or "I don't want to wear a pair of pants today"? 5) Is veggie patch = veggie bed?
Aug 24, 2019 6:58 PM
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2) Yes. Washing = a quantity of clothes, bed linen, etc. that is to be washed or has just been washed. 3) Neither. If you haven't bought them yet, then: "I'm going to buy (a pair of/some) new shoes today" or "I'm going to buy new shoes today." In the past it would be: "I bought (a pair of/some) new shoes today" or "I bought new shoes today." 4) "I don't want to wear pants today" is what people actually say. The latter is not wrong but less common because it is longer for no reason. 5) Yes, that would be the same thing, but veggie bed is very uncommon. Veggie/vegetable patch/garden are the options you would probably want to use. If you use bed, it looks like garden bed is an okay option.
August 24, 2019
2) Yes, in that instance washing refers to clothes that were just washed, although it could also be things like towels, blankets, bedding etc. 3) If you already bought the shoes "I bought a new pair of shoes today" if you are going to do it later today " I will buy a new pair of shoes today". Saying "new shoes" instead of "new pair of shoes" would also be common and acceptable. 4) "i don't want to wear pants today" 5) Yes they are both a reference to a garden space.
August 24, 2019
2: no washing does not mean the same thing 3: I bought a new pair of shoes today is the correct answer 4: You say “ I don’t want to wear pants today” 5: I have never heard anyone call it veggie bed, usually they just call it a veggie patch or vegetable garden
August 24, 2019
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