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Why second e in 'femme' is pronounced like 'a'? (fam) Correction : The first e not the second e
Aug 24, 2019 8:43 PM
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C'est comme ça. Il est en effet rare que la lettre "e" se prononce "a". Mais bon, c'est comme ça. L'orthographe française n'est pas toujours logique.
August 25, 2019
because that's f*ck*ng French ! ahah JK As you might know, French is a compound of latin, greek, it then evolved for centuries, several regions got influenced by neighbooring countries or immigrants. There are quite a few words that are spelled in a way that does not seem to match the way they're pronounced. That's one of the characteristics of our language. Good news is that, most of the time, these tricky words are the most used ones. Like "femme" is quite a common word, isnt it ? Some numbers, basic verbs or adjectives are tricky ... how did you feel learning être & avoir ;) ? But yeah, you meet these words so often, as they're common ones, that you'll just remember them pretty soon ;) Good luck !
August 26, 2019
Maybe you can see it this way: Think of the word "fem", which probably doesn't exist in French. How do you pronounce it? 【fɑ̃】, right? So, with "me" attached to it, the 【~】 is lost, and therefore 【ɑ̃】becomes 【a】 . Does this make sense? It may sound silly, but that's how I understand it :)
August 25, 2019
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