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What does this mean? "Someone was felt touching my shoulder by me." It is about passive grammar and I cannot understand well. Does this mean "My shoulder felt touching someone"?? I cannot get it well, please help me!
2019년 8월 25일 오전 6:17
Answers · 12
It doesn't really mean anything : this is not a sentence which you would ever come across in the real world. The active voice statement is this: "I felt someone touching my shoulder". In the active voice, this is a normal, natural sentence which makes perfect sense. 'I' is the subject, and the sentence is telling us what you felt. However, this is not a something which we would ever put in the passive voice: there is no logical reason why we would even try to make 'someone' the subject. The sentence which you have is so awkward and unnatural that it is almost meaningless. Where did you see this?
2019년 8월 25일
So with the verb 'feel' it's impossible to make some passive form, I was pretty suffering with this sentence, but it was really helpful! Thanks a lot!
2019년 8월 25일
It’s wrong, man. if you are talking about someone touched your shoulder. Then in the passive voice it should be “ I felt (that) my shoulder was touched by someone. And if you mean someone is now touching ur shoulder. It’d be “ I feel my shoulder is being touched by some one.
2019년 8월 25일
Su.Ki. is right -- it's actually impossible to say this sentence in passive voice. You can't do it. There's no grammatically correct way.
2019년 8월 25일
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