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the....... because of (the) improvements in technology and (the) increase in personal wealth. Can I omit these two 'the' in the sentence?
25 أغسطس 2019 07:09
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The meaning changes between "the improvements in ..." and "improvements in ...." Both are grammatically correct. The meaning also changes between "the increase in ..." and "an increase in ...." As Teacher Adam noted, an article is needed. By itself, "increase" without "the" or "an" is grammatically wrong because "increase" is a countable noun in this usage. (See the Oxford Learner's Dictionaries. They give extra information such as whether a noun is countable and whether a verb is transitive or intransitive.)
25 أغسطس 2019
Yes, you can omit "the" from in front of "improvements in" but you either have to use "the" or "an" before "increase in", for it to be grammatically correct.
25 أغسطس 2019
Yes, like ym said above you can omit the 'the'. Personally, think it reads better not to delete both "the's". That is, leave one in. But this may be just my own preference.
25 أغسطس 2019
Yes, you can. The can be used to specify things. If you are referring to a place’s technology has a great improvement, say China. then you should add the— the improvements of technology means the improvement of china’s technology. The is used to specify china’s technology. The 就是特別指定.如果你特指中國的科技發展 那你要麼就寫china's technology 或者The technolgy. the直接就特別指定了china. 但是如果你沒特別指定哪裡的東西什麼 就不用the, 你這沒上下文就沒指那個地方的科技或者什麼科技發展就不用the. 但也有特別的名詞前面需要用the 比如樂器 地球宇宙.
25 أغسطس 2019
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