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고 있다 with 살다 and 알다 Hi! Can you tell me the difference between 📌한국에 살아요 vs 한국에 살고 있어요 I’ve seen them as often, does the second one have a feeling that I live here for now and I’m not sure if I will later? If it does, why would someone even ask 어디에 살고 있어? pehaps to someone who change his place often? Or just moved out? Where do you live for now? 📌어디에 살아/살고 있어 vs 어디에서 I’ve checked the 살다 dictionary meaning on naver and it says that is to live, be alive or reside somewhere - so shouldn’t it be 어디에 as for a passive verb? Or should I look at it from perspective „I live there” as I am residing, eating, work itd here so 에서 📌알아 vs 알고 있어 Why I am knowing? If I know something now I probably will for a long time. I’ve looked up on some sites and natives says that is completely the same but I don’t think that’s possible, it has to change something right?
Aug 25, 2019 7:19 PM
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Ex1, I'm cooking 나 요리 하는 중이야 나 요리 하고 있어 나 지금 요리해 Ex2. I cook 나 요리 해 When you hear that '나 한국 살고 있어', 고 있어 meaning is likes 'right now' Let's see Ex.2, there is no 'when' correctly in korean grammar, then korean able to have a question 'now? or gonna cook?' So you can say 나 한국에서 살고 있어 or 나 지금 한국에서 살아 I don't know if this will be a good answer Thank you
August 25, 2019
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